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Turttle nesting by night

the province of Guanacaste Costa Rica offers you two wonderful parks where you can appreciate the spawning of the turtles. The national park Marino las Baulas is located north of Tamarindo and has around 5 beaches where the spawning of the turtles occurs between the months of December and mid-March, the tours start with sunset, picking it up at your home or hotel. After 45 minutes of driving, we arrived at the park, where the guide explains the prose of the tour

The other location is an Ostional National Park. Ostional is located 2 hours south of Tamarindo, this is an unrivaled show, where more than a thousand turtles per day come to lay their eggs, the show occurs between the months of May and October once a month for 6 days or so, It starts early in the afternoon and goes until night. Tamarindo output is at 2 pm returns at 10 pm.





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