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Horseback Riding at playa Conchal (Sheel beach)

Ready for a great time on our Blue Jay Experiences horseback riding tour around Playa Conchal. If you’re a horse lover you’ll be soo happy to ride our kind and mellow horses. After getting your safety gear and a little briefing on how to have a safer and unforgettable time on our kind horses.

Ride along the white sand beach of Playa Conchal which it’ll make you feel as if you were on a Caribbean island. Playa Brasilito is a darker sand beach something usual in this country, that was formed by volcanos, riding on this beach will be a totally different experience. During the ride, you might find families of howler monkeys. It is very common to see them in groups of 15 to 20 individuals, and Iguanas just to mention some.


2 Hours and 30 min



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