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Celeste River & Llano de Cortez Waterfalls

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Upon arriving at the entrance, you will start out on a 2 hour moderately difficult hike in the park.   Along the trail you will walk through the rainforest and along the Celeste River, where you can observe one of nature’s most intriguing phenomenon.  After this beautiful site, you will continue hiking to where two brooks merge together, turning clear water into a divine hue of turquoise that makes Rio Celeste. This chemical reaction, due to the volcanic minerals, makes for an astounding sight that can only be experienced at this unique location.  After hiking, you will head to another part of the river outside of the park where you will get to swim in the blue waters!!  This is where you will often see sloths and other wildlife. This hike is a fantastic opportunity for healthy exercise and unforgettable experiences in one of Costa Rica’s most unique hidden gems.

To end the day, we will take you to Llanos de Cortes Waterfall in Bagaces, where you can relax and take a swim underneath the falls or walk around exploring the flora and fauna.


Departure: 6:15am

Back at: 5:00pm



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