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Private Sailing Trip 5 Hours

Half Day Morning

Come join us for this private morning sailing tour, we offer you the best private catamaran sailing from Playa Tamarindo Beach.

With a suggested departure time at 8 AM and returning at around noon, this tour offers the guests a bit of everything, sailing along the coast, snorkeling, stops at secluded beaches for kayaking and snorkeling, even paddle boarding comes with the tour if requested and some fishing ( trolling ).

Some people enjoy the outdoor activities, while some rather stay on the boat, either inside or on deck, while enjoying the beautiful nature and scenery.

All the saiboats come with bathrooms, freshwater showers, comfortable inside salon, spacious deck with seating places as well as all the necessary safety gear and equipment. Snorkeling gear is included.

Staff, guides and captain are highly knowledgeable, fun and experienced sailing in these waters.

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